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DKLR is in the Information Technology industry by defining themselves in diverse simple turnkey solutions to meet customers exact needs.
Our Mission  
We are in the business of providing Information Technology services and those relating products that customers require. In pursuing its mission, our leadership strives to cultivate an environment that demands employee integrity, encourages creativity and develops a spirit of excitement and personal growth. We are fiercely determined to succeed and provide an opportunity for every employee to make a difference and participate in success. 
Our Shared Values
We are committed to excellence in everything that we do. There is always a better way. We must strive for innovative solutions, continuously improve and pursue new ideas to achieve uncommon breakthroughs.
We must foster a work environment where communication is open, honest and effectual. Teamwork should always be practiced in support of the common goal.
We must assure a sharing of ideas, skills and resources throughout the Company. We need to grow our knowledge and deliver a quality product 100% of the time.
We must develop and retain leaders who constantly raise the bar, provide direction, remove barriers and empower people to successfully accomplish goals.
We are deeply committed to meeting the needs of our customers and consistently focus on customer satisfaction. We recognize that we can only prosper if we fulfill customer expectations better than our competitors.
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