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Internet service
Communication is our day to day activities with enhances interaction with your stakeholder. Our success is attributed to an effective communication strategy and layout we posses. Over 1 billion people use the internet to connect with their families and friends worldwide, turning it to a global village. Significantly, the rate of internet use has tripled over time. DKLR is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) which helps middle sized businesses to sell internet at a considerable fee. We have been able to connect over 100 middle sized businesses to the World Wide Web. Resell of the internet is a new business service which many businesses have found to be profitable. Choosing us means:
You enjoy the fastest internet access 24/7.
You enjoy our readily available internet at a minimum cost.
You enjoy free maintenance services from our team for 1 year.
Telephone systems and service
We have a wide range of hybrid IP PBXs which combine the convergence of IP technology with the benefits of traditional telecommunications. This offering is flexible and more functional to handle all your business communication necessities.
Some of our hybrid products include:
KX-TDE 100, which is an advanced cooperate system for communication offering you with communication features over the broadband IP networks. The device accommodates 260 users mainly in large businesses. We also have KX-TDE200 and KX-TDE600 among other systems. We also have the best technology systems such as the hosted and the premise-based phone systems.
Why choose Hosted telephone systems?
It is cost-effective. Smaller organizations are able to get rich VoIP functionality
IT is less technical to install and configure
Easier to manage the system
It scales easily on middle sized businesses(Service-only).
Why choose Premise-based system?
Fully customized applications to business needs and expectations
Easier to update on the fly.
Can accommodate technology updates to meet your company’s goals and objectives
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