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With DKLR you get an opportunity to “grow and expand”. This implies that you are flexible in starting with managed IT services with are of high importance to your organization, and then expand with us by in cooperating strategic business IT solutions. Many successful business companies have entrusted us with the responsibilities of managing their network systems and infrastructures e.g. servers, switches, routers and desktops etc. We offer IT services in the following areas: schools and institutions, Non profitable organization (NGOs), Financial sectors such as banks, small- sized business etc. 
Schools and institutions
Our company has over 24 years of experience in assisting various institutions leverage technology to boost their academic excellence. Since 1996, we have been able to provide computers and laptops services to more than 300 schools and colleges. This has helped many schools to:
-Improve the quality of education
-Increase learning opportunities
-Encourage inventive and innovative in the teaching practices
-Acquire new skills and practices for teachers.
What we do
-Manage and maintain desktops, printers, servers, and other network facilities.
-We update antivirus, and manage spam, and spyware/malware software and other security issues
-Install and manage software updates to making sure that the systems run smoothly
-Back up servers and workstations.
-Install and manage firewalls on your network to prevent an unauthorized access you’re your network
-Host your email in our data centers.
-Provide anywhere access to your email through the enablement of POP protocols.
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