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We offer disaster recovery services ranging from remote backup and secure storage services to mirroring services for your data.
Cloud server/virtualization in the cloud
Cloud servers make it possible for you to recover data and enhance the continuity of your business by giving you an opportunity to employ a DR solution with few servers. This cuts down costs and time. With Cloud server, you will be able to:
Recover systems failures quickly.
Utilize technology experts and eradicate misuse of resources.
Server backups
We backup your organization’s information and data on servers to a secure facility, which is offline. This practice cuts down on the possible maintenance fee incurred by most organization due to data loses a result of hardware failures.
We enable your servers to be backed up automatically, and more regularly storing your data on a fault tolerant area of storage (especially by employing RAID 5 disk array).
You get a notification about the server failure enabling you to seek help in time.
Desktop & Laptop Backup and recovery
We shall help you minimize risks incurred through the loss of data by automatically backing up your desktop and laptops. We shall enable features which back up your information in the background automatically while your computer is running. We ensure that we encrypt our backup features by use of standard encryption policies such as government –level 128 bit Advanced Encryption Standard to get rid of sniffers.
We also use Content Management Systems on your website which is very secure. It enables you to write your own content, storing and in the management of files.
Administration and security
Management of users and a centralized creation enables user authentication before being allowed into the system by setting password enables different users to navigate through different sections depending on the responsibilities and duties.
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